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FOrmer Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley reflects on Donovin's impact on the team. .

Chet's Creek Elementary School Principle reflects on Donovin's assembly. 



Syracuse university

"Donovin has great ability to communicate and connect with people. He inspired our students to reflect on their lives, choices, and future directions. Donovin is able to use real-life examples to bring to life points he wants to illuminate. I heard very positive comments from our students, faculty and staff members about Donovin’s speech at our School of Education convocation and his interaction with our graduating seniors at a morning breakfast. We are very proud that he is one of our alums!"

Joanna O. Masingila, Ph.D.| Dean and Professor| School of Education


Northwestern mutual

"Donovin captured the attention of everyone in the room.  His energy and absolute conviction in what he was sharing made everyone take notice.  There were copious notes being taken throughout his talk! Donovin challenged me to think bigger about what I am capable of accomplishing.  He inspired me to reach for greatness and not settle for mediocrity.  We can hardly wait to have him back sometime in the future!" 

Paul Dodd, CLU, ChFC, CLF, MSM -Managing Partner

Sam's club

"We really enjoyed having Donovin Darius come out to engage our employees at our year beginning meeting this year. His passion for inspiring others is unrivaled and we really look forward to having him come speak at future events."

Stacie Eggers, Marketing Team Lead

ClienT Testimonials

"Donovin Darius has a natural ability to motivate and encourage others.  His joy is infectious & bleeds over to those listening.  His words & speech are motivating & he's sincere.  He truly speaks from the heart & you can tell he genuinely enjoys what he's doing."

"Donovin Darius delivers a powerful message merging the most important ingredients for success in life FAITH in the Lord and FAITH in yourself! When combining those 2 things with a positive attitude and a pair optimistic glasses you can not only better your life, you can improve the quality of life for those around you! He is building leaders! Not leading followers!"

"Donovin is so genuine and cares so deeply for people and wants and is making an impact on our community.  As one of his volunteers in his life camps, I feel my own life has been enriched by being in the presence of a man of character and a purpose driven man trying to teach others to find their purpose and live it."

"From our initial meeting and introduction I have implemented a lot of your advice and feedback into my daily routine and how I deal with my children, husband, family and friends. You also reassured me that a lot of things I did on a daily basis and practiced in my life were on track with where I needed to be; affirmation! Sharing your stories, truths, and life experiences made it all realative for me! You speak from experience and I believe it's easier to digest and process things we don't always want to hear when it comes from a person and place that lived and survived it! Please continue to speak your truth and your wealth of knowledge! Love and light!"

"DD has a Gift From God to Speak, Encourage, and Motivate he is not only Fulfilling his purpose but he is helping others Fulfill theirs as well as...He is truly a Blessing!"

"Donovin's forum gives me hope and inspiration that one day I may find peace. It is helping me understand that peace comes from within. It challenges me to be the light in my own heart and mind."

"Donovin, really has a way of making people commit  to and stay engaged when he do forum's and public speaking.  He is Real and it shows!"

"Donovin really has a very different approach to motivation than other people I have listened to. He really comes from the heart and it shows with the energy and compassion he expresses."

"Donovin Has a big courageous motivational  inspirational persona he has a gift that God has given him and a voice he gives his listeners a since of senergy and high expectations that's enough to change anybody's perspective in life!"

"Donovin Darius has the ability to inspire many, His story is unfortunately common but through known struggle, his life is extraordinary. His investment in himself created success and the success he created can now be told and inspire others especially young individuals who wants and desires to be the best."

"Donovin, I truly mean it when I say your forum gives me the only encouragement that I get in my life.  My family is very fractured and I don't even have a relationship with my mother or my oldest sister.  Your words are often the only encouraging and positive message that I get in my life.  I'm sure your own family has struggles, but I know you are there for them 10 times more than you are us and you do make me believe that things will get better."

"Thank you for making me feel my best  you motivation and you inspiration from all you forums gives me a since of calmness and senergy! Your motivation and your spirit is not fake when I'm listening through your tone everything you say comes from your heart!"

"Donovin it is priceless. It feeds my heart and soul. What an amazing selfless act for you to freely give of yourself in order to feed the hearts and souls in this world that thrives on negativity.  I would personally like to thank you for all that you have done to help guide my thoughts and actions. Your words touch me deeply heart and soul. God is truly using you as a mighty weapon for truth and peace." 

"I just you simply like to say Thank you! Your words and lessons have made a major impact on my life! I have never been married before but My son's mother and I are separated and have been for a while. It was hard but things are getting way better now and I feel like am I learning more about myself ...so one day I can be a good husband standing beside my soul mate...You helped me understand so many things about life that brought me confusion... Today i found myself going back trying to watch all your videos retake notes just to digg deeper...Thank you again."

"Donovin I learned that in order for me to achieve my purpose I have to create an inner law for self worth and purpose. Love and believe in myself and connect like minded individuals who are moving to their greatness. But always stay awake and driven for my own grace And success."