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Donovin Darius has a wide range of versatility. He has the ability to customize and tailor his messages to fit the needs of any organization. So contact us today to create the "Winning Culture" that takes your organization to the next level!  

A great Executive Coach and Motivational Speaker is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential and this is Donovin Darius. He has the gift to unlock the power within you to allow you to embrace your future and leave a legacy worth dying for. You have greatness in you and Donovin Darius will help you bring it out.
— Motivational Speaker - Les Brown
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1-Achieving AMazing Goals Are Possible For You!

For Goal Setting and Achievement

In my favorite motivational book it says "without a vision people become confused, ineffective and frustrated". The bottomline is that in order to be successful in anything in life, you must set goals. Not only must you set goals, but in order for you achieve at the highest level you must begin with the end in mind. This purpose-driven focus, that is supported by a belief system that knows that "anything is possible" enables you to establish a clearly defined action plan that brings your dreams into reality. Watch sample video. 

2-You Have Greatness inside of yoU!

For Overcoming the Odds to Achieve Greatness

In order to achieve the greatness that is within you must dig deep and give yourself permission to believe and go after your dreams.  To live a fulfilled and satisfying life you must be relentless, persistent and uncompromising. I Must-I Can-I Will-I Am is personal and inspirational journey that everyone must travel to achieve the greatness that is within them. In this series Donovin will inspire the audience with his personal stories of achievement against the odds and how as a nine-year-old boy he answered the call that would forever shape his life. 

3-the most powerful secret - As a man thinks, So is he

For Mindset Development to Believe in Yourself and Your Vision  

Situations can be hard sometimes. Life can hit you on the blindside. Regardless of the circumstances we win or lose based on our mindset. To reach your full potential you must realize that despite the obstacles,  high achievements are possible and waiting for you. This mindset is implanted as Donovin shares his 5 Principles for Developing the Next Level Mindset.  As an old saying goes "As a man thinketh, so is he; as he continues to think, so he remains." In this message series Donovin sets the course and develops individuals with the mindset it takes to perform at the highest levels. 

4-becoming the leader that you will follow

For Leadership Development and Strategic Planning

Throughout his 20 plus years of elite competition and NFL experience, Donovin has been able to achieve some of life's greatest accomplishments. Whenever he's asked "what's the secret to success and performing at the highest level" he always attributes it to the effective leadership of self and others. In this message series Donovin shares his most successful leadership principles, practical methods and strategies that produces results and take individuals to the next level.  Watch sample video.

5-Renewing Confidence & Energy at the Workplace

For Motivating and Inspiring Employees After A Difficult Season

The aftermath of downsizing and the inconsistent economy have combined to create an air of uncertainty in the world we knew. At record paces people are losing their jobs and experiencing a lot of uncertainty and fear. During these times, the changes can have a traumatic impact not only on the ones who have lost their jobs but those left in the aftermath. Donovin challenges audiences to embrace the fear but use it to step up their level of drive, resourcefulness, and to tap into their creative energy. In this inspirational pursuit, individuals will not only bounce back but go on to break new and inventive ground. 

6-Donovin Darius' 7 KeYs of Personal and Professional Success

For Understanding the Keys for Achieving Personal/Professional Greatness

 American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, β€œAll good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” When a person realizes that they are here for a purpose, life takes on a whole new meaning. We find ourselves having dreams and visions that wake us up early in the morning and keep us up late at night. It is for those reasons that you are here, to manifest greatness in this lifetime and for the next generations to come. Donovin methodically shares his 7 Key ingredients that are essential when desiring to achieve greatness, make an impact and leave a legacy.


Applicable Tips for Igniting and Reigniting Your Motivation

No matter who you are or what you do there are times when you are not going to feel motivated. There will be times when it feels like you are running on fumes and the tank is empty, your energy is low and you don't know what to do. In this session Donovin lays out 12 Strategies to get you refocused, reenergized and back to getting the results you desire. In the the NFL there were position coaches whose specialty was to teach specific drills and skills to the best of the best. So please allow Coach Darius to be your organization or team's Motivational Coach to motivate and inspire your team on their way to experiencing their next level success.